School uniform at Kindergarten

School uniform

Wearing of the school uniform is highly desirable and draws favourable comments from visitors and when the school children appear in public. Please keep up this standard by ensuring that your child is correctly dressed and does not wear non-school clothing.

Summer: Navy blue shorts (cargo), school T-Shirt/collared polo shirt

Winter: Navy blue tracksuit, school T-Shirt/collared polo shirt and zip jacket or windcheater.

Summer: Navy blue and white checked dress, shorts (cargo) or navy blue pleated wrap-over skirt, school T-Shirt/collared polo shirt

Winter: Tracksuit and zip jacket or windcheater.


Children must wear wide-brimmed hats for outdoor play. Your child’s name should be printed on his/her school bag and hat.


A suitable bag is required, eg backpack. The bag should be large enough to contain a spare set of clothes and any work, eg paintings that your child may bring home. All clothing worn to school should be clearly named.


Children need to have appropriate footwear. Children will be asked to take off their shoes when playing outside. For safety reasons, they are not allowed to climb with their shoes on. Please teach your child to remove and put on footwear by himself/herself. We will assist with fastening of laces and buckles.

If there are occasions when your child needs to keep his/her shoes on, please let us know. PLEASE label your child’s shoes, jumpers, hats etc. It is advisable to keep a change of clothes in your child’s bag at all times.

Uniform shop opening hours

The uniform shop is open on Wednesday’s from 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm. The items available are dress shorts, school t-shirts/collared polo shirts, skirts, hats and second hand uniforms. The winter uniform is available on completion of an order form which is sent out in approximately the second week of Term 2.