At Balcatta Primary School we run a sound educational program based on the Curriculum Improvement Framework. Particular concerns of minority groups, disadvantaged children and children with learning difficulties are catered for. There are a number of features in this school which enhance our educational program.

  1. Music Specialist / School Choir / Instrumental Program.
  2. An ESL teacher and ethnic aides to assist students and parents from non-English speaking backgrounds.
  3. A voluntary part-time Kindergarten program.
  4. Computer Centre enabling all students regular access to quality programs.
  5. New automated library – with regular library sessions.
  6. A Behaviour Management Policy encouraging good performance and behaviour while defining the limits of unacceptable behaviour.
  7. Languages Other Than English (LOTE). Children in Years 3-6 will be introduced to Italian. This course will allow children to be accredited with the Year 8 Unit Italian Course so that when they reach high school they will go into the Unit 2 Italian Course.
  8. Years 1-6 Dance Program.
  9. Chaplaincy Program.